Ascending With Swans

A heartlifting experience. Pic.: free-released


On my top-of-the-world route
either side of me at head height
a wedge of mute swans passed by

joyfully trumpeting, wings swishing
the lead swan aligned perfectly
with my own intended trajectory

Pushed onwards by the chasing breeze
I became a weightless charioteer
clutching imaginary reins, soaring with

them beyond the vast plateau as it
turned from green to blue, losing them
in the brilliant glint of distant lakes

I was here last autumn, when they left
trumpeting a lament as I stumbled
bearing the heavy weight of death






© Gothicman 2023
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I liked the lovely image painted here. One wonders if it’s the cycle of life or death; the alternation is attractive to the reader. Supratik.

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