A Poem for a Girl I Knew in the 1990s

Reading Full Fathom Five.   Remembering you like a good wine.  But you left a bitter taste.  An after taste.  Oft I ran a finger down your spine.  Slim. Colossus.  Sometimes I wish you had stayed around for a few glasses longer.  We could have seen out January.  Waited for the brighter months.  But, Spring brings with it an appeal for the new and we could only

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getting back

in darkness, I was dreaming… my hands flew away, as birds, my head, a cage broke in an instant into pieces, I heard a cracking sound, my feet melted, chains transformed as a garland that freed as flowers, slowly, I gave away everything I had with grace, my body, its parts adorned the garden, the sky, the ground, yet, I

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I Have Wounded You.

    Thoughtless words are the knives with many blades, they wound as they fall from the pen. Judgement lay unrealised upon the page. Careless eyes, blind of understanding had condemned the innocent. Apologies lie empty as shells within the sand, or the pebble washed away in an icy river’s flow, which no amends can stem.     flow 

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