Passing by:

Looking at my life am I passing my life away or is my life passing me by? Is life passing me by? This is when I look toward the sky. Throughout my life mental ill – health has been a problem. A problem shared is a problem halved they say. Come along to Mental Health Matters well being club;said interested

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Mental Sojourn:

How true it is that a physical wound heals faster than an injured mind. Recently broke my wrist it took six weeks to heal. My mental ill-health continues to drain my health, you’ll find.   Masking moments of dispare and confusion. Why was I born so afflicted? Some answer amidst all the confusion depicted. How creative my mind can be

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A Brief Encounter.

An account of a very strange occurrence. I picked up the phone to be informed that my late wife’s wedding ring was now ready for collection.It had been re-sized to fit my finger.I was going to keep my promise to wear it . When I looked out of the window I could see that it was going to be another

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