Soviet Hospitality Part1

This is the beginning of a very belated diary. I’d been invited many years ago to stay with friends in the Soviet Union. It took a lot of arranging as my mother lived with me and did not approve. But in the end I went and this describes the first section. Sorry about unexplained Russian and my typos. I don’t

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No Man’s Land

Two things to immediately address… you are not, In any way, shape or form, my priority or responsibility anymore You’ve taught me two more things to add to that: Loving you was a mistake And two, begging to come back to you, even after you give up the game for me I don’t want nothing from you right now You’re

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Red light

Sujata, like any other child, wanted to study. She was admitted to a good vernacular medium school far away from her neighborhood.  Initially she had many friends. She was good at studies, but as time went by she discovered herself as a flutist. Slowly, she became very lonely, this flute became her only company. She stood like Krishna and practised

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