the incandescent eyes
that radiated warmth and love, turned into stone,

the ears that heard the chirps in the trees, the movement of the waves and the breeze turned deaf,

all the organs failed to mellow with the flow;

the apricity of the sun, the ardour of the moon, the smiling silver stars suddenly became invisible,

wars became more palpable, more real than anything else in the world,
everything around turned meaningless, bitter in pursuit of a better life

© supratik 2023
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A poem about ruining civilisation by delusional excessive improvement, and ending with that other never to be satisfactorily resolved paradox: fighting for peace! (typo: around). Like the layout too, Supratik.


Sue (Sweetwater) thankfully has posted this week, as we need her little gems as well as the increased numbers and variation? Knowing human nature, I suppose it’s inevitable some members, both valued and active contributors, as well as seldom contributing ‘coatholders’, will shy away from wiping slates clean and returning? It’s a shame, but that’s how the world works unfortunately. I’m a happy, corner battle-weary, returner after long membership, due to admin not continuing with multiple high-viz moderators whose function, as feared, went beyond just maintaining T & C rules. I do hope, though, new membership is being allowed too?… Read more »

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