The poet’s privilege


A poet goes beyond reality
and has the right to be excluded
from the petty troubles of mundaneness,
since it’s natural for him
to break conventional dimensions,
since his home is timelessness.
Do not expect him to be fathomed
or identified or even specified,
he will avoid all analysis efforts,
baffling readers and researchers
and the more so through all ages,
since he stepped aside from the beginning
from the ignorance of lying senses
to devote himself exclusively to the beyond
which no one ever really could define
but which it was his task to understand
and try, at least, to make it understandable,
as some kind of a medium
between conventional dimensional mortality
and the unfathomableness of timelessness.


© aurelio 2023
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Yes, in the dark past, but could this still be true today? I think there’s always been disparity between ‘inner voice’ and ‘communicator’ in everyone, Aurelio, poets are better at identifying questions ‘more obscure’, and adding greater mystique to those that are unanswerable? This interesting piece ends so profound: ‘… the unfathomableness of timelessness.’, now there’s a thought!   

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Good one. The way not to confuse a poet is quite clear, a prose written in a poetic form.

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