The Nostalgic Self

someone we all know well, eventually;
an only friend for many
Pic: my own


I see him, tragic man,
on his solitary mission,
reawakening The Meaningful,
last caretaker of a bygone age;
searching for residual testimony
among the threadbare remains
of interwoven life;

realising too late,
the trade-in cost
relieving pain by further loss;
when love objects,
defensively absorbed,
metamorphosed so cruelly,
surrendering all quintessential
to an apathetic subject,
the I, who, though stronger,
became older,
lonelier….. now following

shadows and specters,
instinctively knowing why,
with unpatronizing kindness,
keeping him in sight
is so imperative… I must not
lose this vagabond
pulling at the leash,

for, while I still see him,
I exist.


© Gothicman 2023
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I’m envious of how you threw in “unpatronizing kindness” at the exact moment necessary to fully seal this haunting duality. For some reason I prefer “specters” or “spirits” to “ghosts” in the third stanza. I guess it seems more evocative and in keeping with the late nineteenth century from which this theme arose.

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