Only An Exit


There is only an exit,
No extension of Eden.
Whatever orbits round you
Can always defy your gravity;
At any juncture released
To the laws of another planetary system.
What cannot be controlled
Seeped into informing principles:
The hour the heavens will reconvene,
The prophecy of the Second Coming,
Or the alignment of flesh and spirit.
Once you have exited all of this and that
What binds you to the conscripted world,
Its divergent realms and finite planes?
The truth is laid bare:
Another symphony of consequences
Sprung alive with rhythm and harmony
Hung note by note on wind, string and brass
Merged to fill your ragged sails
As long as the moment steps,
Keeps stepping forward into oblivion.

© ross 2023
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This reasoning, by ending hinting at an untrustworthy oblivion, seems to still allow for the possibilty of an ‘entry’ as well as an ‘exit’, still poses the eternal question based on the complexities of ‘other unknown dimensions’?
Probably, the only stance to take? Intriguing, and well-formulated read. 

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