The Shrink

According to old Soviet psychiatry (still practiced in China), the one complication with psychiatric patients was that they sometimes got the idea that there was nothing really wrong with them.

Any trouble with your mind?
Some slight depression maybe?
Feeling shy or socially inferior?
Maybe you feel guilty about nothing?
Any slight discomfort can be taken care of
by the Shrink, who’s there to solve your problems –
he has pills for everything.
They all make you forget,
benumbs your mind and makes you feel less,
so that you can sleep more comfortably;
and if you have sleeping problems,
that’s no problem. There are sleeping pills
to compensate for all those pills that keep you wide awake;
and if they give you side effects,
there’s pills against that problem too.
There are some 375 diagnoses
for all kinds of psychic troubles and disturbances,
while there were only 54 some 50 years ago,
and there are now some 174 psychic medicines
to choose between, while there were only 44
some 50 years ago. Some progress!
Some invention! Yes, the Shrink did just invent them all
like all the medicines against them,
and they are of course addictive all.
If there are any curious side effects,
like general psychosis and suicidal thoughts,
which turn some into murderers
to after carnages end up in suicide,
it’s not the fault of those addictive medicines with side effects
but rather something that was wrongly diagnosed,
which calls for new invented illnesses and medicines.
So you just have a nice chat with your Shrink,
and he will find out what is wrong with you
and give you medicines to cure your brain activity,
and when you end up as a calm complacent zombie
that does no harm by just sleeping round the clock,
you may consider yourself cured
with no more complications.


© aurelio 2023
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Liked your lead in joke, Aurelio, made me chuckle. Would be a much easier world to live in, even in Former USSR, todays Russia and China, if all people affected by mental health abberations were only non-suffering, eccentric people who should just be accepted, appreciated even, and left alone. Many are like that, most of us probably being lucky enough to be living in genuine democratic societies able to express/unload differing political, religious and ethical views, opinions, and convictions, which is therapeutic in itself, without fear of being sectioned, forcefully incarcerated and/or medicated!  Offering evidence-based help in the psychological, mental… Read more »

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