If I could find a way

escape the twilight zone

twixt sleep and dream.

Alas, there’s no respite

from restless nights,

no seraphic gleam. 


No angelic succor

to ease an active mind, 

to  quell nocturnal fight.

Kaleidoscopic images

arranging, changing

pattern nightly sight.


Slumber, slumber

mumbo, jumbo,

incoherent speech.

Tossing, turning,

sheets disheveled,

wakefulness at reach.


May Morpheus come calling

on sleepless, endless nights

to soothe a fevered soul.

Bring poetry and music

the magic of the lyre

to soothe and make whole.


If I could find a way

escape the twilight zone,

to sleep, perchance to dream

thus quote the Stratford Bard.

No Princely inhibitions

just a regular regime. (sleep).


Alas, alack, a shred of sleep

hovered, yet escaped my grasp,

mocked and tantalized.

Fleeting and ephemeral,

a tiny glimpse of quietude

so close, not realized.


Come, you fellow Somnolents

insomniacs stay strong

to face another day.

Sleeplessness no barrier,

inconsequential hinderance

to work and love and play.






© amman 2023
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Luckily I’m not a regular insomniac, but I do recognise, and have on occasion suffered, the descriptions in this, to me, excellent poem, Tony. A great read.
I do hope you’ve adapted to your new situation, and all is well with you. Enjoying summertime now too?
Best, Trevor


Hello Tony, welcome back. Perhaps we can tempt you to resume the music quiz. It was an entertaining feature that most people, including myself, enjoyed. Congratulations on the pick for your very descriptive poem on sleep deprivation
Best, Luigi


Hi Tony old bean,;-) When you write like this I wonder why you don’t write more poetry. So many lovely lines here. I like the way you intermix spirituality with the basic frustration of tossing and turning. I fully get it. For deep sleep is a blessing and in my world view and from personal experience, we are indeed in a different realm where dimensions can cross. Especially the ‘no man’s land’ between waking and sleeping when many people experience phenomena. I suffered years of that . I love the thought of Morpheus driting by and dispensing some deep rest.… Read more »

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