A Nip in theAir

Feeling the cold

C.ould the reason be I am getting old
Or is there a definite nip in the air?
Last night I sensed you getting cold
During our tête-à-tête, as it were.

Certainly the flame becomes ember
Ordinarily, when the passion cools.
Luckily we’ll be able to remember,
Dreaming like some romantic fools.

Carpe diem, was our youthful creed,
Otherwise the chances will be gone,
Lost forever; so let’s sow the seed.
Daring the unthinkable, life went on.

© Luigi Pagano

© ionicus 2023
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So nice to read you again Luigi. 😉

So glad to see you are still around and have lost none of your zest and skill.
This poem is not only very true and entertaining but the title is perfect and the layout original and demonstrates your ability to put words down in original ways to good effect.

I love to see people trying new things and expanding how words can be used to such originality!
Alison x


Excellent Luigi. There is now a nib in the air as well as a nip lol


A deceptively non-frosty acrostic poem, Luigi, where, with the years, not draughts, but hot passion, of necessity, chills into luke-warm affection! Skilfully done without compromising the text too.
Best, Trevor

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