A Bowtie and I

A model of distinction

I’ll explain why
I’m wearing a bowtie
in this photograph
but do not laugh.

I wish to be a model
and it is a doddle
for a cheating chap
to edit a snap.

It is a ruse
that’s easy to use
and a selling pitch
to become rich.

I may look debonair,
and full of flair
but I have no doubt
they’ll find out

that I am pilose,
I have a big nose
and a fat belly,
If I go on the telly.

I could insist
that I’m a fantasist
but it will transpire
that I am a liar.


© Luigi Pagano 2022

© ionicus 2023
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hahaha 😉 I really dislike Fakebook but am on due to keeping in touch with friends abroad. I often get friend requests which stand out like a sore thumb as they are all very good looking single males. On looking closer I see they are not friends of friends, nor people I do not know who share my views. They have only been created, have no history and are most likely sitting in a very busy noisy office in Nigeria. lol Must think I am a total idiot or desperate or both! Alison x PS I think you would look… Read more »

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