What’s up?

If you’re feeding the
victims with weapons,
what are you doing
my friend? Wars all
over the place, killing us
from end to end;

if you’re keeping the
strife alive, when will
the monsters, the
warmongers die!

All the countries of the
world? Unable to stop
one? So powerless?
Helplessly delimited by
rules? Still listening to the
laws of the lands, when we
should obey one law, that
of the world? Can’t we hear
the wailing of the soil?
The refugees, the soldiers,
and those discombobulated

When our knees are
in pain, we’re biting our
elbows, in vain, all in
vain; we’re unable to
unite and desist the
deadly deal;
if countries fight,
how on earth
will the world heal!


© supratik 2023
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