Everywhere there is complaining,
but it is a healthy thing:
if you complain, you see what’s wrong
and get yourself detached from it,
thus making clear your distance
from the unacceptable, corrupted,
sick, unsound and evil.
Only if you let yourself become affected and involved
in rottenness, you are yourself in danger,
if you allow yourself to get depressed
and downcast and upset emotionally,
instead of soundly countering, opposing
and making your position clear against it.
Our society has never been more sick,
the Kafka nightmare was but one first symptom,
and since then the morbid formalism
has only made life more impossible for humans
and especially for the creative ones;
but as long as you complain and cry out loud
against the wrongs of the straitjacketness of your society,
it is a healthy sign of soundness
to at all react against what’s wrong.


© aurelio 2023
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