i am insane

disinterested, disillusioned, disoriented,
not because of those unfortunate countries
fighting useless battles, but generally

all troubles are created by the educated mind,
insane, but true…

but I carry this burden on my shoulders…
i have to say that the world is a good place….
i need to be politically correct,
i have to write in good English…

we have converted the world into
a stage of garbage
where people still want to play, earn, learn,
and have fun,

everywhere we fight with injustice,
still, we say we are proud to keep alive
the spirit of fighting,
we need to fight,
we need to fight,
we need to fight because
this is strength,
this is power,
never ever do we say
we need to love,
we have kept love
out of the periphery,

if we say we need to love
it becomes a quote,
either by some malai dama,
or by some boutam gudhha,

© supratik 2023
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