Slava Ukraini!

I wrote this to express my own feelings; and while we may not be able to do a lot we are doing our bit. Where I am we are collecting good to send to Poland for the refugees.



Slava Ukraini !                                   


How can I write a poem

about the murder of a nation,

it’s history, life, and culture,

when all I can do is watch,

grieving for brave Ukraine.

An ageing man’s conceit,

to inflict this dreadful war,

that must end in his own defeat.

While I cannot share your pain,

my heart shall ever be true to you;

that by your bravery the world

shall see you come through.


                                            © D G Moody 2022



© Dodgem 2023
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I don’t know much about poetry but the clapper strikes the bell for me on this sub. A powerful piece.

Anonymous <span title="New Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: blue;">*</span><p>

Thanks Steve for commenting. I wrote it quickly as a respite from the madness that is engulfing Ukraine. On a practical level, we have a Ukrainian lady living here who has organised the collection of essentials to be trucked to Poland; some of us are helping pack it up tonight. It’s already been collected in our local church, and last night we went to a vigil there followed by a Compline service including the Kyrie Eleison for Ukraine. We’ve also been donating to the emergency relief funds. On a more grim note, we had two USAF B52 bombers flying low… Read more »


Hi Dodge
A heartfelt poem which say what millions are thinking. Even brave young Russians.
I note you are in Cambridge. I used to live in Norfolk near Mildenhall and Lakenheath, we rarely saw B52s. If you saw two, that’s a worry. Noisy dirty things but sadly we need them.

I feel pretty much now, the way I did in ’62. Fortunately Khrushchev used his brain I’m not sure Putin will. My 60 years of mistrust of Russia seems well founded.

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A poem of support and also I feel your frustration at the situation. I guess lot we who can only stand on the sidelines feel the same. Well put.

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