I must have loved you

I must have loved you since the world began.
I feel my weakness, my terriffing loneliness,
To be covinced of my defenceless freedom.
To celebrate profound impossible dreams of a man.
Yet doubting voices, sounds and lurking shodows of haunted will.
I tried thousand times where whispers come from.
My heart, throat, imagination or lips.
O, woman of love, peace and perfume of liberty.
Where do you walk, you are remembered still.
My soul selected to breathe your spell of light.
My history, in your presence, repeats songs of delight.
And in your absence, love dreams dance between fancy and reality.
Though love cares not about time’s certainity
It gently and quietly grows in heart and brain,
Reciting music of beauty in midst of pain.

© jamalbbd 2023
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