Hooked on Evil

Not a lot of people know that Captain Hook of Peter Pan fame started life as a good guy.

Young Captain Hook loved doing good

A kind of seaborne Robin Hood

He robbed galleons on the foam

To fund a seaman’s nursing home

Then one day upon the Nile

He came across a crocodile

In its eye was a sorrowful tear

Hook patted its head said ‘there, there my dear’

This is what the croc had planned

As it bit off the captain’s hand

Hook’s life was saved by the old ship’s cook

Who replaced the hand with a spare meat hook

But the hook was sharp, he badly was cut

Every time he scratched his butt

This drove the Captain quite insane

Now he’s the meanest man on the Spanish Main

© pronto 2023
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Not many people know that (Michael Cain, possibly)

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