I Am, Therefore I Think

A pause for thought as time moves on.

Old is a state of mind

I refuse to think old

I refuse to talk old

I refuse to act old

I refuse to be old

It’s my duty

To guard my acuity

At seventy-nine, I’m fine

I write stories

Dispel worries

Play bowls

Have goals

Go walking with my Jean

She, too, is keen

Read poems by friends

I’ve never met

And yet,

They make me complete.

I laugh, I curse

Write nonsense verse

To stay sharp

Before I play that celestial harp

I will continue to learn, to grow

To be, and to know

Older, yes, but never old



© pronto 2023
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I like this very, very much. So uplifting and defiant of the years.
we should all refuse to think old, whatever age we are. Sue.


A state I aspire to attain, but my body keeps pulling the rug from under me. 🙁
Bravo, though, on the writing and the state of being.


Sentiments with which I entirely agree, enjoy life to the full regardless of age if you possibly can.Nice rhythm in this poem.


Bravo Pronto! I can identify with this poem, inasmuch as I’m still here, notwithstanding (*) my many afflictions.

An honest good poem, thanks for this.


  • I’m on a bet, to see how many times I can insert notwithstanding into a post, that’s two.
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