Buffalo Girl

The Buffalo Gal song has now become one of our songs – though not sure why. We recently heard it on a folk show and did a waltz around the room; after which (when I collapsed) I penned this. The Lasso reference is from the film. 


                     Buffalo Girl 


   Buffalo girl won’t you come out tonight
   Come out tonight, come out tonight
   Buffalo girl won’t you come out tonight
   And we’ll dance by the light of the moon.


           You being seventy-five,

           and me being seventy-one,

           we heard on the radio our song.

          The banjo caught the tune,

           it was rushing through the room,

           and we couldn’t sit anymore,

           we just had to kick  the door,

           to jump up and dance.

           Our feet were in a trance,

           it was for us just enough,

           and we did lasso the moon.


                                                            © D G Moody

© Dodgem 2023
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Reads like a very spontaneous write.


Dougie, I did not want to be too blunt, but you got the implied need for refinement! Every diamond needs polishing, and you have the tools.

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