An Unwelcome Visitor

An old lag and not “The Saint”

Our village had a burglar
who was a scallywag.
During his nightly raids
he never hit a snag.
Said he was a gentleman
which was rather quaint
as he was an old lag
and not at all “The Saint”.
If he ever saw an opening
to steal someone’s treasure
he didn’t feel any guilt
but a perverse pleasure.
The rascal thought it was
entirely the victims’ fault
for being careless enough
and not locking the vault.
Assets were not secure;
there was a gaping hole
which enabled the plunderer
to relish what he stole.
The inhabitants got wise
and finally closed the gap
thus stopping the activity
of the disreputable chap.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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Another witty and elegant poem; thanks again Luigi

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