in passing

life passes,
time passes,
transient waves
ephemeral clouds
wandering winds
the moving earth
the elusive fire

wisdom is to
witness and behold,
ignorance is to
embrace and hold

© supratik 2023
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wisdom is to
witness and behold,
ignorance is to
embrace and hold

Wise words indeed. The aborigines of Australia knew this. As do/did so many tribes whose survival depended on knowledge of nature.

Worship the land for it gives life, but don’t try to possess it.

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embrace is too positive to be used after ignorance, in fact it is to ‘witness and behold’ but again there can be five or six words that could replace the original and I would not ask you to reconsider hadn’t I found it yet not nailed. so embrace in my opinion should be replaced with seize and hold or you should you be keeping ”embrace” then you would need something like ”cling on” (a dead end an obsessive return to what you already embraced without critical thinking) and behold would be better if instead you said “absorb” absorbing has a… Read more »

the ignorance of Gollum (LOTR) that seized the ring,
and we say carpe diem, we are urged in many ways to seize the day without knowing what the day could bring OR what a day should bring.

there are many fascinating aspects of such wisdom and such ignorance.


Another meditation that I find worth considering; though not quite sure about embracing ignorance – that reads like an oxymoron – am I missing something?



Ah! Maybe I should be reading it as being content not to know everything – only what we need to know – the known unknowns, as the great sage Rumsfeld may have put it?

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