It was a first-line into my mind kind of thing.








I am not the butterfly – I am more:
My wings are beyond belief,
Their beauty is devastating.
But I am even more than this:

A cloud that whitens the bluest sky,
And while you watch me
I will change my shape and disappear.
Only to become renewed

As a sea of clear Tahitian blue
And when you swim in me
You are healed of all ills,
Renewed just like me

To become part of all things
Known to the ultimate consciousness
That knows everything that was
But now creates new things for me to be…




© griffonner 2023
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I loved the language and imagery in this; it speaks to me of the oceanic consciousness – the oneness of everything; what the mystics have always sought and taught. What was it the poet said: “I am a part of all I’ve met”. Thanks Allen – a positive poem!


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