The arrogance of science

The arrogance of science
has walked over spirituality
for long, merely because
it’s not applicable for all, 
it discarded levitating, the
power to roam in one form
in multiple places at the same
time, the wisdom to leave the
body as tricks,
them as black magic. 

True, it cannot be achieved 
by bribing anyone, for this
one has to sincerely practise
for days and for years;
in the ancient times, countless
rishis, men and women alike
had the know-how to engineer
their body and their mind. 

Science had delivered imbalanced 
growth, insane miseries and debacles, 
spirituality had empowered self with 
balance, with jaw dropping miracles. 

If only the science of spirituality
be understood and exercised, 
we’d restore our lost sanity, 
regain the power of our mind. 

Waste no more time, 
dear friends, sit and 
meditate, experience a 
blissful world for yourself. 

Let science and spirituality
walk hand in hand, 
let peace, prosperity for all
be the law of the land.

© supratik 2023
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An interesting refection friend. It does seem that the previous distance between science and spirituality (for want of a better term) has closed considerably in our own lifetime. Our limited understanding of the physical universe has undergone a radical reassessment, where just observing a phenomena influences how it behaves; and our minds are themselves possibly a manifestation of a greater reality – if such a definition – ‘reality’ has any meaning anymore. We now have theories being considered that allow for multi universes, and the universe we think we are observing being – along with ourselves – a projection from… Read more »


Bravo! Science is far too arrogant and tunnel-visioned. They have, as you so rightly pointed out, ridiculed those who practiced spiritual pursuits and a closer connection to The Source. Look what they did to the native Americans and so many more they labelled “savages” Only now, can we see with new eyes, the incredible richness held in their teachings. These are coming alive more day by day. I have always been attracted to the ancient teachings that taught us to see the world as alive with the spirit of God and the great need to live in harmony with nature.… Read more »


I was a scientist (now retired). I don’t feel at all arrogant. If anything it’s the spiritual and and religions people that seem to be arrogant in my experience. Science has been around as long as spiritualism and used to both try to prove and disprove the existence of spirit. The two go hand in hand. You cannot dispute that. Anyway as I grow older and become more sceptical about life the meaning and everything I feel I am bending to a limited form of nihilism. Or in other words I won’t be around for much longer so I don’t… Read more »

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Supra There is nothing to forgive. I was not offended by your poem. I studied chemistry and the areas I was employed in neither harmed or improved the life of humanity (except when working with breweries maybe) 🙂 I think it depends on how one defines science. For example is taking an piece of wood and turning it into a tool to get food science? Or is constructing a place to sleep in comfort and safety science? Is finding a source of minerals to improve health science? If one says yes, then science has been in use for millions of… Read more »

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There comes a point in science when there is no explanation on what there is before us; at that point science merges with spirituality and we are reminded that we are part of a greater – what that greater is remains to be seen, but we are not the sum of the universe, we are a part of its equation.

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