Air on the G String


I am easily confused
and get facts wrong.
Therefore I, unwittingly,
thought it was a thong
when I heard mentions
of Air on the G string.
It is easy to see why
it’s the very first thing
that comes to one’s mind.
I’m not musically-minded.
and I wasn’t brought up
to be that way inclined.
To learn that this piece
is in fact an arrangement
of Bach’s suite Number 3
was total amazement.
© Luigi Pagano 2021







© ionicus 2023
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Snap Luigi! Great minds think alike……or is that dirty minds?


Or, for a challenge – an air on a diphthong?


Well Luigi, you naughty old dog , you.
It made me laugh. There sure is lots of air around a G String 😉
Alison x

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