Guilty Pleasures

Scrumping and communion wine.

Nowadays my life
consists of relaxation;
I’m happy to sit,
enjoy a pint
and read the papers.
I’m no longer the kid
of yesteryear,
unruly and full of capers
who had no fear
and, who with my mates,
created mayhem
in the village.
We knew of the Vikings
and of their pillage
but our only plunder
was to scrump apples
from the orchardist.
It was a petty crime
that we couldn’t resist
for which we felt no guilt.
It gave us pleasure
to savour those delicious
cox’s orange pippins.
Always on the lookout
for a hidden treasure
we found it in the cellar
of the parish priest.
Our evil design,
for which we felt no shame,
was to have a taste
of the communion wine.
Everything went fine
and for this infraction
we escaped all blame
© Luigi Pagano 2021







© ionicus 2023
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A charming reflection on the self that was. When we were of that age before the logic button was activated in our psyche, we all did things that gave us pleasure without necessarily thinking of the consequences. I think you have written this in a really easily read way, that creates – perhaps empathetic – images inside the reader’s mind. Great write, Liuigi.


An excellent evocation of our childhood capers. And haven’t we all scrumped? Come to think of it – I still do! Yes, one that remains in memory – nice one Luigi.

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