Elemental Forces

Earth, fire, water, air.

It is said that the meek
shall inherit the earth
but given its conditions
how much is it worth?
Many bellicose nations
are playing with fire.
Chaos reigns all over
and the situation is dire.

If conflicts do not stop
we shall have slaughter,
destruction and suffering,
come hell or high water.

To ensure there is peace
rather than deep despair
we must smooth feathers,
pacify, and clear the air.

© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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I enjoyed this, Luigi. It seems the theme is a muse for you at the moment. And why not? You speak what many people think.


If only, that we could halt the slide? If its not the environment its the rise again of totalitarian leaders. BTW, just a query: should ‘any’ be read as ‘many’? It is more grammatical – but you my have your reason for it. Anyway, a thought provoking piece.

P.s. I can’t recall where I first read it, but some sage said in dismissal: “Bah, the meek! that’ll be the only way they’ll get their hands on it – by inheritance!”


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