facing the light

I have the face of
somebody else,
their words script
my looks, who I am
hides behind the sham 


the searchlight
reduces to a torch,
to a fading candle,
to a feeble incense
it’s a dark world
overexposed, the one
inside, that which could
reinstate the strength
lies unexplored

I don’t know why I
named these as facing
the light, can anyone
help in understanding
the logic, it’s ridiculous,
but, wait a minute, it is
also pointless to look
for sanity when one tries
to see the sun with a
candle, or burn it with
the wand, an insane
stick, I have lost it,
I am in the dark,
I lost it

© supratik 2023
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A very interesting poem that tells of alienating, loss and despair in us humans. One can read it though on another level, , the darkness and confusion of our world of today. I like the image of the candle and the Sun, or a Wand and the Sun which tells of the impossibility to get to a truth. the sad thing is the end, the darkness, no solution which makes your poem extremely sad, is that what you want? We humans always have hope left, even a little ray that will help the soul to stay alive and may be… Read more »


I’m commenting, Supratik, having read your conversation with Yutka about your excellent poems.

We are in difficult times without a doubt. I was taught (told) that the further you drift away from the light, the more One’s hunger for it grows: The more you desire it. It is, I suppose, all about that thing I babble on about from time to time – balance.

I think your analogy of hiding behind the sham is really astute. But inside, your flame is still burning, yes?



Who was it who said: ‘love is not love, until it is tested by its own defeat’ And we are all lovers in the world, holding our tiny lights, but all together – what a blaze! I loved the poem – as usual, nice to be reading your poems again friend.

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