Something to Read

A number one best-seller.

There is a book that I have not read
whose first edition I’d like to own.
I am told that it is crammed with tales
that are interesting and well known.

I wonder if it’s copyrighted
and why owners have different names;
sometimes it’s said to be Gideon’s
but often belonging to King James.
Perhaps I am becoming confused
hearing some parts are apocryphal
but I’m assured that it is all true
although selectively doctrinal.
The marketing must be very good
as millions of copies have been sold.
It is a number one best-seller,
a miracle for something so old.
Authorship is another puzzle
that is bound to give me a headache;
it’s important to know who wrote it
because the royalties are at stake.
To a writer it must seem strange
that this book is saying to the world
something so evidently clear:
that in the beginning was the Word
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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And from the Word sprang the World and in the World there came to be many writers who took the Word and made it theirs, to the delight of the World. A worthy “Nib”, Luigi.


May I also add my felicitations on the auspicious accolade of a nib? A most worth recipient!

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