All the Jesters

For me it was the Seventies – that I can’t now remember!



                          All the Jesters


        All the jesters of my youth have departed.

        The actors, the minstrels, and the comics

        with their catch phrases I’ll never forget;

        their ready laughter without any regrets,

        and their easy grace of irresponsibility.

        My life was lit – like a moth to their flame,

        when I became consumed in their fame.

        Those high priests of pleasure,

        with all their pleasure spent,

        upon the idle altar of amusement.


        Carelessly, we kicked the sun into the moon,

        In that cloudless summer in which we played,

        as the nights became pups to our dog days.

        But youth must have its end – when all too soon,

        the sun ate the day – and swallowed the moon.


        All things shall pass away – they cannot stay,

         and what’s passed let’s now leave in the past.

         So my friends – no more drugs and guitars:

         it’s now a cold chablis – and a deckchair on the grass!


                                                                     © D G Moody

© Dodgem 2023
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Some great lines here; the light touch of LSD gradually giving way to the coming of old age.


Concur with P; some lovely phrases here – “the sun ate the day” – but as you say there is a bit of tightening needed.


Aye, ain’t that the truth! We were such rebels and we broke rules and stretched boundaries…now it’s all perversion and satanic anti human themes. I am glad I was born when I was. We knew the best of days.
Compare Dusty Springfield with her modest dresses and real singing voice with the obscene gyrations and open legged displays of today’s trashy singers auto tuned to hell. There again, I do confess to a secret liking for bad boys and hard rock music like Marlyn Manson!!!
He is my guilty pleasure but I limit my exposure to him hahaha

Alison x

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