A Poem for a Girl I Knew in the 1990s

Reading Full Fathom Five.  
Remembering you like a good wine. 
But you left a bitter taste. 
An after taste. 
Oft I ran a finger down your spine. 
Slim. Colossus. 
Sometimes I wish you had stayed around for a few glasses longer. 
We could have seen out January. 
Waited for the brighter months. 
But, Spring brings with it an appeal for the new
and we could only ever be winter trees. 
Waiting and wondering. 
Whether, you and me.
Will return.

© swissterrace 2023
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Perhaps, S, there is a Winter coming with her name on it. I am left wondering…..


As always words used sparingly and with a directness which has to be admired.


I love the line ‘and we could only ever be Winter trees’. Says a lot that, doesn’t it. Wistfully I am left thinking, ‘Perhaps….’


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