The Night Worker

Unnatural nature is no fable


See me on the streets at night

and you’ll be lucky.

Shy, cautious diving into dustbins.

And skips.


Kitchen windows,

wasteful restaurants.

Always a meal there.

A supermarket bonanza,

if I can get under the fence


I do my work providing

when you are sleeping.

A fleeting silhouette

you can never catch.


Sleeping in secret

five feet from your house.

A home in tiny places

where nobody suspects.


I’m rich in comparison

to my country cousins.

Safe from guns and hounds

Not trapped and poison,

I am loved.


I may have lost the will to hunt.


Moved on.



No chicken runs for me.

I am accepted.


This secretive shadow

doesn’t scavenge.

I recycle your waste

and bring new life to your cities


You will recognise me.

Know my shape.

Know my name.



The urban Fox.

© Guaj 2023
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I liked this; the gradual revealing of Reynard, our urban co-inhabitant. Got me thinking; get those urban gangsters on their scooters fox hunting; to give the public a break. But I’d first arm the foxes!


Lovely to hear words of praise for a beautiful creature. One of the foxes I feed has better recall than my dog. Sue.

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