a journey

the salt of life,
the sugar of life,
the spice of life,
i sacrifice to the sea,

i destroy the part and
parcel of food I love to eat,
I acquire a new taste,
destroy the beliefs
of the culinary art; 
those waves thrashing,
blurring, burning the pure meat
of the vegetables, 
swallowing the depth,
clouds gobbling the expanse,
killing the appetite of
a wise gourmet limiting the
discolored lid,

with the libation,
the palate has changed
the look, the smell, and 
the oomph of the course

a new threshold,
a new discourse

© supratik 2023
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this is interesting, I may be wrong, but I realized there could be a vital connection between our emotional state and the way we taste or perceive things, that the food we eat for example being angry tastes differently, even an apple is flesh for someone angry or violently angry there is satisfaction in cutting the apple in a murdering way if your mind’s eye is focused on an enemy. could be wrong.

that’s a great idea you have there, it is interesting already and can become something big, it certainly made me connect the dots, fasting does nothing if you are lustful or angry it’s your own stomach what you lustfully or angrily control, your intention wouldn’t be beneficial and it’s all about intention. it should be “I am angry so I won’t eat now/today because I will treat my food in a way that is not beneficial” and it should not be “I won’t eat because I am angry and only an empty stomach will teach me a lesson” you then… Read more »

Yes, and it applies to cooking and the preparation of food too, doesn’t it.


Much here to ponder, not least the link between what we eat and what we are. I was taught from an early age that food is neither to be wasted nor treated casually. We never eat without first giving thanks; though, I recall Jesus saying that it is not what we put into mouths that defile us, but what comes out of our mouths, but then, he was taking to task the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. Anyway, a good one as usual.

if one feels like saying something before eating aloud then ok, if it’s done silently it’s usually better, if you don’t feel like saying anything check your food, something is very wrong about it or the environment is not good enough for the act of eating or offering food. Sometimes I feel the urge of praying before eating and usually it’s when I eat alone and have prepared it myself. Just a thank you coming from the heart. The ‘you’ in thank you is visualized as someone with the intention to feed me without sacrificing anything in order to do… Read more »

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This is ‘beauty’, Supratik. I think your food analogy is fine. I have always believed that, and especially not to prepare or cook food when there is anger in your ‘being’. In fact I try whenever I cook or pepare food for others to use unconditional love matras in my mind whilst doing it. We disagree just a little bit on the throwing of salt and sugar into the sea: It does change things. We know it does. It must. It is just that we cannot detect the change. In my mind it doesn’t make it a futile act though.… Read more »

I was using the act of throwing salt and/or sugar into the sea as metaphorical too.


A wonder! Your polyglot learning is to be savoured. I cast my life into the sea on many an occasion and the sea regurgitated me, telling me that only the pure would be absorbed. I am obviously too damaged to be considered a tasty morsel.

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