Recipe for an African Kitchen

One you won’t find on Saturday Kitchen



Collect four bricks

from your house

destroyed by rebels.

Arrange them

in a square.


Rustle up some dry

sticks or bush

that has no thorn.

Cover with grass

that died months ago.


Find an old UN

dried milk can

or if you’re lucky,

a tomato paste tin with

a handle already fashioned

by a ghost

who died last week.


Beg a glowing ember

or a match from

the tent next door.


Use the last of your

breath to blow life

into the fire.


Pour a litre or two

of muddy cholera

soup into your tin

and wait for it

to boil.


Add some rice

the Government troops

forgot to steal.


© Guaj 2023
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It will require more than a band aid to fix this. Thanks for sharing.

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