My Daughter’s Dog

A young girl’s best friend

Any adult raises an arm near her–including her father–my daughter’s dog bares fangs. In the park no matter what head start or how fast she runs he always catches her and she laughs. Greets her first when we come in.

He never hollers at her: “Why don’t you get it?” when it’s math. Never forbids her from hanging out with the exact same risk-taking crowd her father had. Absorbs the acrimony “Just like your mother!” blasting out at her until he lies shaking on the floor. When everything is going smoothly he silently curls up at her feet as she sits with her Ipad, makes the mood perfect.

© ChairmanWow 2021
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CW, this says so much about all the people involved. extremely revealing.


I have to confess the first thing that came to mind on reading this was “what is the dog’s take on the coyotes?” 😉

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