I will miss you forever; my first friend
ever on this virtual
 space, from you I 
tried to learn how to write, and if things
went wrong, how to
make them right,
I will never ever forget the long and
varied conversations I had
with you,
be it about India, during the time of
pre-independence when you were
in my city of joy as a governor, or about
those sumptuous
cakes your spouse
bake for you; ‘husband at home’
the summary of yours on LinkedIn
that made me laugh, and realize the
depth of the statement, I have no doubt,
my friend that you must have been the
most ideal of husbands; your sharp sense
of humor clearly came from your
range of knowledge, but what touched me
the most was your willingness to accommodate
the non-English writers like me, an outstanding
ability; your suggestions, corrections, and appraisals
of my texts buzz around me still, they’ll remain,
as it were, you will continue to be the Bozzz;
O wordsmith, the master of rhymes, dear David,  

such a deft poet, and a remarkable person I will miss.

© supratik 2023
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A loving testimony to everlasting friendship; and isn’t it friends that we find ourselves?


His last work (reportedly) was “Musing on the Threshold” which displayed humility, and homour, as well as skill. You were fortunate indeed, Supratik, to have him as a friend and mentor. I’m drawn to wondering where he is musing now? Perhaps upon his ne’er forgetting friend?


I adored him. He was a one off.
A lovely tribute.
Alison x

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