Coyotes Again

The local predators are getting bold.

Pack of coyotes woke me up again last night. Howling right behind my back wall. Not just howling– gibbering, jabbering, mocking hyena laughing, the canine yammering evolving into sentient speech. Strange utterances emanating from the darkness as I peer down from my bedroom window. A party of miniature werewolves who know something I don’t.

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Nice one. Brought to mind the hysterical Coyotes in the opening paragraphs of Capote’s, In Cold Blood.

We don’t have Coyotes here, but mating hedgehogs are eerily noisy little pricks 🙂

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Maybe they like your aftershave


I am sure that one of my dogs is evolving to speech, the noises he makes when he wants something from his softie owner!
And CW, they’re not picking on you; it’s the other way around.

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