some small poems

times have passed
so have the sins,
in the space that lasts
we can create love within


before you die
never hesitate to try,
all steps faltered
can be altered,
all wrongs righted,
all mistakes corrected,

as long as you’re breathing
as long as you’re living
never stop trying

I don’t win if you lose
my profit isn’t in your loss
strides for peace if you choose
to live by these thoughts 


© supratik 2023
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I like to think that for the faltered steps, and the wrongs, recognition of them whilst still breathing breaks potential cycle of karma in those respects.

In the space within, love already exists, it just has to be recognised.

Love the final one too: speaks volumes about how enduring ‘lockdown’ is not just for ourselves but for the safety and love of others.

Blessings and love,


I guess Allen said it all – I can only add my own appreciation.

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