Heaven’s Rainbow

Not even sure what I make of this…

Life mumbles its lines
given by a controlling being.
A paid player
without personal axe to grind.
Earth unseeing,
paints the quaint notion
that man has worth.
And in a mind’s eye,
blind as Samson,
eyeless in Gaza;
We stand as stark reminder
of our own meagre ambition.

Contrition hobbles a free spirit,

and cobbles together
A poor excuse for inaction.
Yet satisfaction
take from this –
each faulty, fellow human
Shares some fragments
from this vision of Eden.

© franciman 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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This is fragmented, which i like, reflecting the broken dreams and perceived values, but the fragments, while they stand on their own, do not add up a whole. and where is this “vision of Eden”? The intellect behind this, and it is extremely sharp, needs to decide where to end this poem; the first stanza?


Thanks for sharing your creation, Franciman. I see where you are coming from: It is such a broad subject if you try and break it down, isn’t it. There are never ending examples that could be taken to back up the feeling/concept that your poem bravely attempts to expose. I have to say that there are times when I have found myself subject to a similar thought process. For sure, I think, we humans suffer from the over inflation of our egos, and this creates an expectation of something of greater significance than perhaps the divine plan envisages/ed. Perhaps it… Read more »

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