I will remind myself

our temporary amnesia is the reason for all our sufferings

I will remind myself
in every moment of my life
that I will die, I will die, I will die

I want to kill all the germs in me
that cheat, hate, compete, and lie;
I want to destroy the monsters
that are jealous, capricious, and angry,
I want to awaken the part of my brain
that forgets my death; in every breath
I take, I will bethink I will die,
I will die, I will die

I forgive you, you, and you
I forgive, that, this, and that,
at the drop of a hat, I forget
all sins that made me cry,
but I’ll always recall I will die,
I will die, I will die

I want to live on the page,
I want to love at every stage,
I want to sing, dance, play,
all along my way, beyond
borders, boundaries, overlooking
centuries of agonizing histories;
I want to make love with you,
my lustrous light, but hey I want
to say, every night and day 
that I will also die,
I will never ever deny that
I will die, I will die, I will die

I will remind myself
in every moment of my life
that I will die, I will die, I will die

© supratik 2023
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Ah, the curse, or blessing? Of being a species that can foresee its own demise.


There is something very endearing about this piece. That may sound rather strange for me to say considering the subject matter, but you have written something that I feel so many people would be able to associate with – right to the root of their very being. Of course, not everyone sees this concept of thinking, especially the hedonistic young, but at some stage the cold sweat of realisation comes to us all.
Blessings, Allen


A most interesting reflection, from Allen and yourself; re the contemplation and acceptance of death. In Buddhism we have the Asubha (Pali) practice, involving dispassion toward the body; and taken to its extreme can include contemplating a body decomposing. I missed out on that one, but attended two autopsies. But being an odd person, I just became enthralled with how a body has such amazing parts within it! We are either a body that gives rise to consciousness, so at death we cease entirely; or, we are consciousness inhabiting a body, so at death that consciousness seeks continuation; such is… Read more »


Thank you for your thoughtful reply, and my apology for not responding sooner; at present I’m not able to devote much time here – sadly, as I’ve missed some excellent works. But ‘cutting to the chase’; if I may, with some trepidation, query you on a couple of points? With the practice of Asubha, there is never any redress to self-torture; it is purely a practice of deep contemplation upon the transient nature of corporality; which may, or may not include an external object. In the monastery in Thailand: Wat Pah Nanachat, we had a human skeleton in the meditation… Read more »


Thanks again, for the reply. I would say – that we agree on the important things; and whether the Buddha was Hindu, or not, is not what is ultimately important. I do find the whole aspect of Indian religious thought fascinating; and my time spent there benefited me immeasurably. And I always enjoy our exchanges. Keep well friend.


Sorry friend, nothing published yet – probably never; but finding writing poetry is now my repose.

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