The royal human being

Your thoughts made you who are,
who you will always be, a
kind-hearted prince
a devoted husband
a friendly father
a true servant of the nation,
and to the world, a shining star,
a supreme human being

your demeanor emulated
a princely charm,
a grandiose calm,
a crowning equanimity

I’d like to know the books
you read, those men of letters
that made you a man of word

how impeccably
warm was your heart
how curious your brain
you truly became his
perfect work of art

you need to be studied,
your perception of the world,
your stories, mostly untold,
unknown, I pray they be shared
with the young and the old

I think you are the complete man
that Aristotle dreamt of,
that Tagore wrote about,
your fulfilling requiem
in your sincere and honest path
can nurture, nourish, and inspire
the budding minds of the earth

you will be laid to rest today,
amid deserving accolades,
praiseworthy words, silence,
dear king,
but I grieve for you;
like me, millions of souls
whom you have touched with
your kindness, and with your 
foremost way of living

millions will miss you dearly
as their leader, many will miss
your sharp sense of humor, 
while some as their loyal,
dependable, intelligent, clever,
family member, your life will sing
forever the song of a
royal human being

My deepest and warmest regards to the departed soul, the Duke of Edinburgh. I sincerely want his way of living to be shared with the world. I guess by following him, the world can go a long way to heal itself. A remarkable man. Flawless.

Saturday 17 April 2021

© supratik 2023
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An excellent tribute, thank you friend. I would dearly like to add my own, but at present I’m not writing, due to having our house as a building site. BTW, a very minor quibble; he was a prince and not a king; and I feel it works better in the poem as such.

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