An armchair supporter.

I am a sports-mad
armchair supporter.
I don’t do sport
but will support
all those who do.
I follow rugby,
both union and league
and don’t feel fatigue.
I’m a football fan
and my interest began
before Matt Busby
managed Man United.
I recall being excited
when John Charles joined
an Italian club
and hearing the hubbub
as he scored for Juventus
against Inter Milan.
All activities appeal
but not the ordeal
that one has to endure.
There’s cricket, tennis,
swimming, horse racing,
go-kart, kung fu,
to name but a few.
I cannot have enough
of competitive stuff
to watch on the telly
or on YouTube.
But have to state
that I hate to participate
in physical events
and will not stoop
to silly gimmicks
despite pressure group.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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Luigi, you capture the “armchair supporter” perfectly. I’m going to add horsey events to the list – my youngest is a keen rider and has progressed to jumping over fences, and we spend many an hour – when it should be homework! – on searching for dressage events and high wall jumping records!

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