A Happy Bunny

Optimism in troubled times.



How are you? I am asked.
They’re concerned as I’m old
and there is a lockdown.
“Stay indoors, I am told.

It’s alright, I’m OK,
that’s what I say.
I know that the sun
will brighten my day;

that after sundown
the night will be starry;
that I’ll sleep soundly
without any worry.

They laugh and think
that I’m being funny
when I add that I am
a happy bunny.

But it is the truth,
I feel at ease
and the joy to be alive
won’t ever cease.

Some will wonder
how I can cope
while others wail,
having lost hope.

I am of the opinion
it’s no use pining;
on every dark cloud
there’s a silver lining.

There is no need
for anyone to mope;
even in quarantine
there’s a lot of scope.

I shall have plenty
of leisurely time
to allow me to write
some decent rhyme.

I accept that troubles
and problems exist
yet am, by nature,
an optimist.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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That is the only way tp approach life; with optimism. A timely reminder of the joys all around us.

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