Let the earth that lies beneath us be a witness to the feelings

That I have and try to share with you today.

For there’s a fight raging inside of me that bites a little too hard

And tho’ I try I cannot make it go away.

It’s such a shame you never waited until my hurt had all subsided

For you could have come and eased away the pain.

But I guess you never wanted to, or didn’t even think about

The pain you gave me once, then once again.

Had I known you as a person, instead of just a father

Perhaps some things I’d maybe understand.

But nothing could convince me, if I’d known you all your lifetime

That when you up and left it wasn’t planned.

So as I try to juggle pieces of your life, to fit together

Spare a thought for me as you look down below.

For here sits someone who needed you, not once but very often

The boy you made but didn’t want to know.

© marvo 2023
UKA Editor's Pick!
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Hi Marvo,
A very moving poem which saddened me reading. The rhyming and the rhythm was very well done.
The structure reminded me a bit of Franciman who is one of my favourite poets. You managed to bring every angle into the poem so it was moving to read. The last live perfect.
Alison x


Fine verse. The only time i ever saw my father cry was at the end of his life when he talked about how his father had left the family.


Yes, well deserved nib; the whole is superb. And fathers; mine, now gone, and I wish we could have spoken to each other.


Brilliantly written and constructed piece. Congratulations on the ‘pick’ it was well deserved.

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