Brick, Girder, Glass, Unrestrained

No 6 in the series “The life and times of Mary”

Progress Report: January 01:

Classification: Child prodigy.

Pathway: Fast-track through the education system.

General notes: Mary’s growing fast. She’s nearly seven. She’s mastered Zeroth and the abstract densities of thought and is moving on to explore the mathematical degrees of freedom in relation to the Big Bang singularity, and determine, as the latest theories postulate, whether before that point time used to flow in two directions. Behind this accelerated learning she has a target; how to make the beginning the ending of a beginning. To accomplish this her first task is to bring the disparate points of the universe under one roof, create a structure to hold together the opposing dimensional axes.


Mary’s construction continues to grow,

His two spheres, still separate, held apart

By ion scaffolding, strong, straight, much stressed,

Are seen reaching one for the other,

Space diminishing, defying convention

And all the laws of architecture.

Still fraught He watches, Mary watches

The crowds gather to look in awe,

Many aloud wondering ‘When?’ and ‘How?’


Brick, girder, glass, unrestrained

At all hours sparks and much work.

He longs to reach out early and finish,

Call out to her – ‘Come, be mine’,

Cap his storey, top it, complete.

He waits, waiting with the crowds

Keeping vigil, their candles wavering,

From within His mighty dome seeing nothing,

Just the shape of her,

His beginning’s final reckoning.

© Bhi 2023
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Intriguing Mary is at it again. Precocious girl almost seems to be evolving some kind of Unified Field Theory–”He” almost an Einstein trying to seduce the solution into being as the crowd watches.


I cannot better Ralph’s assessment. I see “He” as Prime Creator but of course I may be wrong. The intro alone had my brain in a spasm 😉 There is something disquieting in the poem but that is probably my inner reflexes against technology going haywire where the beating human heart will have no place. Brick, girder, glass, unrestrained At all hours sparks and much work. I long for the serenity of the country. The beauty of nature away from the city. Your poetry in this vein probably exposes my insecurities at where things are heading. I do sense the… Read more »


You’re wrong about bringing the disparate points of the universe under one roof, it’s much easier to extend the roof to cover those points. That is the basis of spin chain expansion.

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