A Fallen Star

A fireball, a driveway and a priceless meteorite 


A chunk of meteorite
landed on my drive.
It was late at night
so didn’t see it arrive.
I was quite surprised,
I have to confess,
that it had decided
to choose this address.
Those who are erudite
will say that it’s called
a carbonaceous aerolite
and that it is unequalled.
It seems very likely
that this body got lost
because it’s precisely
what happens to my post.
To blame postman Pat
is doing him a disservice;
distracted by his cat,
sometimes he gets nervous
That he’s worth his salt
is beyond dispute
and it isn’t all his fault
if he takes the wrong route
but it won’t do at all
to leave letters behind
and to follow protocol
has to be borne in mind.
He was on his round
and came to see me
when he heard I’d found
the celestial debris.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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I liked this; made me think of the meteorite knocking and then stepping back – Amazon fashion. Um….still waiting for a delivery too.



Um….Just had to contact seller on Amazon re non delivery of wife’s bra’s; and you think you have problems!!


Ha Ha!! Good one Luigi. BTW, the link to the opulent maidens disporting themselves? I’m wondering, was this the picture that Pete and Dud were discussing in that famous art gallery sketch?


Nobody writes in your style Luigi. This was both fascinating and funny. Keep a look out your back window. never mind postman pat, the ET’s maybe want their meteorite back.

Alison x


Luigi, a meteor crashing onto your property as a symbol of your haphazard mail delivery. hilarious.

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