The eclipse – three studies


The eclipse -three studies




The dream is always the same,

I’m standing on a darkening bridge

Leaning forward inched to the edge:

An eclipse captured in my frame.




The curtained sun drowns every night;

Each time fearful of taking flight

I’m pulled back, ebbed into your tide

The motion of your seas my guide.




Love lives in the wingbeats of your lips

Heart’s streams diverted, pulsed to mine,

Our broken wings once more in line

As we move into the eclipse,


Sun and moon darkened, harmonised.


© Bhi 2023
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the Bridge is here I see, isn’t it weird that in the movie Melancholia the protagonist’s horse refused to cross the bridge?

more clues out there for what’s really taking place and it may not be good to observe such eclipses.


We must use smoked glass. Like the sun, life can’t always be looked at directly. A perfect poem Sue – thank you.



Oops! Sorry about that; I thought you were Sue – which begs the question – who is Sue? Still, a memorable poem.


A very tight little triptych. Love is about taking turns being eclipsed and then exposed. Fluttering lips image is great.


I have difficulty with the switching rhyming which throws me off I am afraid. 🙁

I got a bit lost with the meaning too. EEEk
Alison x


Haha, this is a prime example of when I should stop reading when my brain is too tired. I try to read as much as possible but maybe I would be better to read less and be fresher to try to get fully into a poem. I feel every poem deserves that! 😉 Also to wonder whether it is best to say we do not understand a poem rather than blind praise or mediocre “vanilla” appraisals. I feel there is always the danger of people saying things just to not look daft if they confess outright if a poem throws… Read more »

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