I Had Hoped….


I hoovered all the floors

today, just in case you came

I didn’t really think you would,

but did it all the same.


The polish and the duster

made every surface bright

I didn’t really think you’d come,

but hoped that you just might.


I set the kettle on the stove to

whistle out its song

and checked the biscuits in the tin,

in case you came along.


But now the day is almost done 

dark shadows carve the wall,

and though I rather hoped you would,

you didn’t come to call.

© sweetwater 2023
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‘Dark shadows carve the wall’ such lines lift this into (IMHO) a perfect piece of sadness – the bright activity contrasting with – more than likely – a forlorn hope. Thanks sweetwater.



It may be one of those poems that can be read in various ways – a strength I think. And with pets – how true! We got news yesterday of the deaths of two dogs we know; the feeling is of having lost friends.


I loved reading this…

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