Midnight in Moscow

Two Art lovers.

This lively tune,
played by the Jazzmen
with Kenny Ball
on the trumpet,
reminds me
of Tatiana, whom I met
backstage, at the Maly Theatre
after a performance
of Chekov’s’ Uncle Vanya
A shooting star,
she brought luminescence
into my life, then eclipsed.
As we both loved Art
we thought at first
we were heart twins
but were poles apart.
Yet I sometimes regret
we had to say dasvidaniya
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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A lovely and romantic post card of a magical meeting. The pic illustrates the very unique buildings and atmosphere of old Russia. My son went there several times in his work and sent back lovely photos.

There is something quite intangible about Russia. One of your best.
Thanks for sharing.
Alison x


I enjoyed the evocation of past experience; always a pleasure to read you work Luigi. And Kenny Ball! Brings back all that lovely jazz from the sixties – Acker Bilk too – Stranger on the Shore.



A great piece of poetry, Luigi. As I read it, I heard the theme tune to “From Russia With Love” – quite gave me goosebumps! Congratulations on the nib, too.

Best wishes,

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