An account of Mary’s birth

No 3 in the series “The Life and Times of Mary” providing one version of the account of her birth.



Mary’s ripe, her architecture

Almost, not entirely complete –

Only God and close family

Are without an imperfection,

And she’s just nature’s selection –

But she’s ready to face the world,

Declare Babylon her birth-right.


The Earth begins to shake, its cunts dilate,

Tectonic plates grind and sunder

Volcanos erupt, ash, thunder;

Blocked the sun, soothsayers wonder

Whether this is the end, the date

Predicted, a new poetic trait

Burying the old voices of late


Lamented souls – those vigorous throats

Upon whom she’ll hang her coats,

Multicoloured, in dimensions

Unknown, unseen, creations

Some will say are the devil’s work,

Others a literary quirk….


But enough! The head’s emerging,

A final push! All encouraging

Out she slithers bloodlines tethered,

Soon to be dismantled, gathered

In museums while she perfects,

Hones her skills in all dialects.


Breathless her mother, highly charged,

“Child, you’re absolutely divine.”

And Mary begins spinning, singing,

“I am, I am my own design,

I am the first, my every line

A virgin birth; I am the Earth.”


© Bhi 2023
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Hi BHI I am not sure why you have an introduction stanza that does not rhyme then you go on into rhyme for the rest. Second stanza brilliant and descriptive in an original way. I am sure I am missing lots of meaning in the poem. Probably needs to be read several times. I loved the last stanza. The great wonder and joy both of the mother but also of Mary. She realises her unique position and the esoteric nature of events for the earth. A very unusual poem. I understand it is one of a set. I could see… Read more »


“One account of Mary’s birth” The naturally selected imperfect universal from the tiny perfect bloodlines that are dismantled, bridges burnt, i think. Mary as the new reality? No miracle in any religion matches the reality of how the universe popped out of nothingness. It only had to happen once, the atheist say! Deep poem.


Now if there is space/void between all cells and atoms etc when exactly does the sperm fertilize an egg? what is conception? it’s the thought and other forces, but can anyone imagine what this would mean? there is no ‘friction’ no ‘contact’ ever, it’s just in the mind and this has a lot to do with parthenogenesis, in the movie the Matrix were do all those babies come from? the men and women are in those tubes and live in the matrix a virtual life.. they never meet as actual bodies, they never have sex. there is a whole new… Read more »


not exactly. divine conception has happened according to Christians and other more ancient religions, if this is a matrix and Virgin Mary was in it and pre-selected to serve as the mother of Christ the divine intervention would not need sperm the movie practically proves that there is a parthenogenesis but the interaction is not the same for all. the sperm exists in the physical realm and so does the egg (and they both await the interaction of thought-forms and intentions). the sperm is the some times good some times bad parasite that triggers the formulation of a pre-designed design… Read more »

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Look Bhi, I am not a scientist or a proper poet that studied any kind of literature so anything that has to do with rhyming and stuff like that go unnoticed by me, I only search for musicality and different meaning and I am more than glad when I see people exploring theories like you do here. I often act spontaneously and start replying to other people’s theories with my own as if there is nothing literary to talk about. Thank God because I can’t. I won’t be able in your future submissions to talk about form and language at… Read more »


Well that’s interesting. I find myself assessing a poem on many things. For instance, to me at least, it has to make sense as sometimes I feel the writer gets too carried away with a concept that makes sense to them but not to the reader at large. That does not make it a bad poem. It only means that to that reader they lose out on the emotion or the theme. Appreciation of a poem is very subjective I know. I go where a poem (like a dream say) leaves a lasting impression on me. That means it has… Read more »

Editors must do their job and sometimes their critique is evem necessary to defend their nibs.

Simple members like me have an obligation to never express themselves with animosity and impoliteness but if they want, whether they can or not, they should feel free to offer friendly critique.

Editors’ critique has a lot more gravity, however, and this is good.

WE need more editors.


Well written, Bhi. Having read your response to stormwolf, I can see the structure that you have created here: That’s skillful.
I think the subject matter is bound to be questioned and discussed, and sadly, whilst ultimately necessary, it diverts from the basic appreciation of your poetry. I myself would call you a co-creator because you are a fellow human being, let alone that you are a fellow artist.
Nicely created, Bhi. 🙂


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